Harrowing pics of blood-stained mattress and broken cot where tragic toddler was forced to sleep before being beaten and poisoned to death


CHILLING pictures show the blood-stained mattress a tragic one-year-old was forced to sleep on before she was battered and poisoned by her mum’s killer lover.

Little Eve Leatherland was beaten to death by Tom Curd, 31, who tried to cover up her brutal injuries with a fatal dose of codeine.

This is the blood-stained mattress where little Eve Leatherland was forced to sleep
SWNS:South West News Service
Eve suffered a fractured skull, a ruptured liver and other injuries before her death
SWNS:South West News Service

As the tot lay dying with fractures similar to a car crash, the monster played video games and browsed Facebook before finally raising the alarm.

By the time emergency services arrived at the home in Liskeard, Cornwall, Eve had been dead for “many hours”.

Harrowing pictures show the blood-stained mattress Eve, who was suffering from a viral infection in her final weeks, was forced to sleep on.

Teddy bears and toys can be seen at the base of the filthy mattress, which has been shoved in the corner of the room.

Other sickening images show Eve’s broken wooden cot – with dark green mould creeping up the base.


Curd was yesterday  found guilty of murder after just three hours of jury deliberation following a trial at Truro Crown Court.

Eve’s mum Abigail Leatherland, 26, was convicted of causing or allowing a child to die and will be sentenced alongside her killer boyfriend today.

Jurors heard how evil Curd inflicted a number of fractures to Eve’s skull and ribs as he savagely beat her – with some bones re-broken during the healing process by the brute.

The tot had more than 20 bruises and cuts to her head and some to her body and had no trace of food in her stomach when she died on October 5, 2017.


Medical experts also revealed Eve had a lacerated liver and eventually died from a codeine overdose – which she could have survived if help had been sought sooner.

She had enough codeine in her system to kill an adult.

But instead of helping the toddler, Curd and Leatherland “watched TV, played video games, sent each other text messages and chatted to people on Facebook”.

This was just feet away from where Eve was “weakening and then dying on her bed”.

Sean Brunton, prosecuting, said: “Neither of them did a thing to help her.”


By the time emergency services arrived, Eve had been dead for “many hours” and rigor mortis had already set in.

After she was arrested, Leatherland said Curd had been left alone with Eve while she did nursery runs in the days before the toddler’s death.

On the day she died, she claimed she asked Curd to get Eve up to feed her, adding: “He went upstairs and came back with Eve.

“I remember seeing her and she was white and not moving. Tom put her on the rug and started CPR and that’s when I rang 999.”

Eve’s dad Dean Bird, who made the 10-hour round trip from Mansfield to Truro Crown Court every day, yesterday slammed his ex and her new boyfriend.

He said: “I was really angry, I just wanted to rip their heads off. I had all sorts of emotions going on and before the trial I didn’t know everything about the case and all of Eve’s injuries.

“I looked at him (Curd) a couple of times and the anger just boiled up inside me. I saw him looking at me and we locked eyes.

“Now I’ve got to win the rights for Eve’s body so I can lay her to rest properly.”

The tragic tot also slept on a broken cot which was covered in mould
SWNS:South West News Service
Rubbish was piled up outside her home in Cornwall
SWNS:South West News Service
Thug Tom Curd beat the toddler to death
SWNS:South West News Service
He then tried to cover up her death by giving Eve codeine
SWNS:South West News Service
Mum Abigail Leatherland played video games as Eve lay dying
The couple will be sentenced today


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