Hanna season 2 cast: Who is Gianna Kiehl? Meet the star behind Jules


    Hanna season two transported the action from the forests of Eastern Europe into a facility grooming female assassins. The change of focus meant a number of new characters took centre stage, including Gianna Kiehl’s Jules. Here’s what you need to know about the star, including some exclusive insight from the actor herself.

    Who is Gianna Kiehl in Hanna?

    Season two of Hanna introduced a number of new female characters as the show shifted its focus onto the other recruits at Utrax.

    Taking place mostly at a facility called The Meadows, viewers watched as the young women trained at birth to become elite assassins were given new identities.

    Among the recruits is Jules, who was given a whole new history as a rebellious young woman with an interest in feminist literature.

    Taught to blend into society, as well as being a brutal killer, the series followed her and her fellow recruits as they completed their training.

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    Jules is played by American actor Gianna Kiehl in her first major breakout role.

    Before Hanna, the young star had appeared in just two short films called How to Read Minds and Still Standing.

    Kiehl trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) before landing the role, where she also appeared in a number of theatre productions.

    During a set visit last year when Hanna was being filmed in Hampshire, Express.co.uk sat down with the rising star to find out more about her role.

    Speaking about her character, she explained: “Weirdly the character that she is given is quite rebellious so it’s almost like she takes on being rebellious.

    “So on some level that’s rebellious against the system that’s trying to make her be that way, but she’s still kind of conforming by doing that.

    “The information that Utrax is giving her is about the character they want her to become – she’s reading all this feminist literature and she’s becoming very educated.

    “Yet that’s still what they are giving her and allowing her to become.”

    Kiehl also went on to explain how she got into the mindset of her character when preparing for the series.

    For the star, a lot of this came from trying to work out how Jules has become ingrained into this world of Utrax from a young age.


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    She ended up viewing her character as almost a robot who is able to adapt to whatever is given to her.

    Kiehl added: “Because we’re these blank slates, it’s really easy for us to adapt very quickly and latch on to everything.

    “We’re given so much to work with, we’re suddenly given so much exposure to things.”

    And as fans of the show so far will know, Jules’ commitment to her new identity draws her in conflict with both Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) and Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince).

    Kiehl added: “They’ve both been in the world so naturally there’s much more scepticism and resistance.

    “So it’s much easier for them to go ‘this doesn’t make any sense or this is weird or not real.’”

    But for the actor, this is where the complication of the new series lies, as she wouldn’t describe Jules as simply brainwashed.

    She added: “It’s so easy to look at the girls in the Utrax uniforms you see at the end of season one and go ‘well obviously they’re brainwashed’.

    “It’s so much more complicated to look at the girls in this season because you see all of them having their own philosophical debates about ideas and they’re learning how to think for themselves.

    “And yet, still at the heart of it, every single one of them at the drop of the hat will kill someone.”

    Hanna season 2 is available to stream now on Amazon’s Prime Video.


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