Hand luggage: This is how you should pack your clothes and jewellery for a flight


Travellers securing a bargain holiday courtesy of a cheap flight deal may well have to compromise when it comes to luggage space. Cut-price tickets or travel for weekends away often only necessitates a carry-on bag, to be stored in the cabin. Bigger suitcases and baggage which exceeds cabin limitations need to be stored in the hold – but to do so, travellers are required to pay a hefty fee. This means many choose to pack light to make their trip more purse friendly, yet for those prone to overpacking, this is an often arduous affair.

To make the situation a little easier, lifestyle guru Marie Kondo has offered her personal tips.

The star of her own Netflix TV show has shared the exact way she prepares for a short haul trip, and how she makes sure her chosen clothing and accessories are packed nicely to come with her.

She said: “Because I fold my clothing using the KonMari Method, it’s easy for me to pack quickly the day before I travel – which is usually the case, since I travel often.

“Not only does this folding technique keep clothing neat and wrinkle-free, it also maximises the space of the suitcase.”

Marie then shares her packing style, which sees her pack vertically, to take up less space.

This means she stands her clothes side by side, in soldier style, as opposed to sandwiches alongside each other horizontally.

It also marks a contrast to the sausage roll technique of rolling garments into cylinders, often touted as a way to save space in a suitcase.

Marie also suggests packing in her style can actually cause less creases in clothes, as some items are not crushed at the bottom, taking all the load.

She has previously referred to the style as her “bento box” of baggage.

What’s more, for those eager to take some bling in their baggage, Marie also has advice.

She suggests using crystals “to cleanse” the jewels while travelling.

“You are extremely limited in space, so it’s vital to carefully choose what you’re going to bring with you when travelling.

“Before I pack, I carefully review my itinerary and select the items that will maximise my ‘spark-joy’ moments for the trip.”

Marie hit wide fame with her show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

The 34-year-old, who originates from Japan, is classed as an organising consultant and has written no less than four books on the subject.


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