Hancock shames Ashworth for 'sniping from sidelines' in brazen Labour bid to 'divide' UK

Health Secretary Matt Hancock addressed the House of Commons on Monday afternoon on the Government’s progress in the battle against coronavirus. Mr Hancock insisted the Government had behaved cautiously in removing lockdown measures as he claimed coronavirus cases were down. The Labour Party’s Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, attacked Mr Hancock during his address and demanded the UK Government do better, most notably on test and trace.

Mr Hancock addressed Mr Ashworth’s comments by saying: “I think his tone on that and sniping from the sidelines ill behoves the enormous efforts being made and his previous efforts to support these things across party lines.

“Finally, he asks about what we have learnt but the thing he needs to learn, and I have certainly learned, is that things go best when you get the work of public sector and the private sector working together.

“The attempt to divide us, that was put forward by the member opposite, doesn’t even believe it himself.

“But he uses this argument to play to his base.

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“Honestly there are more important things going on.”

Mr Hancock added the UK Government was taking big steps to handle the coronavirus crisis and would continue to do so.

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