Guys troll Father & Sons Facebook page over ridiculously tight outfits that look like a ‘f***ing wetsuit’


TROLLS have left dozens of hilarious messages on Father & Sons’ Facebook page mocking the insanely tight fit of clothes on their jacked models.

The London-based fashion brand seems to have amassed a keen following of people who go to their posts just to squeeze out the same jokes over and over again.

Father & Sons pairs its super slim fitting clothes with really big models – which some social media users think is hilarious
These guys couldn’t contain themselves when they saw the snap of Thor-like Shaun Rezaej

On one post of a man wearing a skin-tight black shirt with black skinny jeans and black shoes walking in a park, Connor Haines wrote: “That’s a f****n wetsuit ennit?”

John Hatt asked: “How much is this can of spray paint?”, while Justin Turk wondered aloud: “Why would anyone want pants that make you walk like that?

“Father and sons? I doubt he’ll be having many sons with the damage those torture devices are doing to him.”

Another picture showing bodybuilder and model Shaun Rezaej in a close-fitting shirt was lampooned for looking like Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in the Marvel movies.

Mark Collins wrote: “Fighting with the Avengers at midday. Pub with boys at 6pm.”

And another added: “Ready to let out about 72 hours of trapped farts now that his Tinder date has finally left the flat.”

One snap featured a model in a patterned shirt with the caption: “Shirts that fit like a glove”.

John Disley replied: “If only they fit like a shirt.”

And Daniel Stoner wrote back: “Get f****d ‘like a glove’ it’s baggy at bottom and about ready to split at top.”

One guy even replied with a picture of his beer belly straining the buttons on a tight-fitting yellow checked shirt.

Father & Sons has been contacted for comment.

This checked shirt also proved popular with the trolls
William Logan made this comparison with his own slim-fit checked shirt
The company seems to choose the same body-type for its adverts
Which means the trolls keep coming back for more
Father & Sons doesn’t appear to engage with the sarcastic comments
But that doesn’t stop them cropping up on all of their Facebook posts
It seems some people can’t get enough of ribbing the brand

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