Guacamole, hummus, croissant, Nutella — trendy foods you’ve been pronouncing wrong and how to say them


HOLY wakamolay! Millions of Brits wrongly pronounce trendy foreign foods.

Guacamole is wak-a-molay, Nutella as new-tell-uh and hummus as hoom-us (and not humm-us), says travel website Far and Wide.

This is how to ask for a croissant in Paris (because you don't want to be judged)
This is how to ask for a croissant in Paris (because you don’t want to be judged)
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The hot sauce Sriracha, now a Walkers Crisp flavour advertised by Gary Lineker and Emily Atack, is pronounced see-rotch-ah.

And be careful how you say the mushroom shiitake — it is she-tah-kay.

Others on the list include the kebab-style fast good gyro which is pronounced yee-roh.

Far and Wide added: “You’re in Paris, walking along the Seine, when you pass a street vendor.

You ask: ‘May I have one cruss-aunt, please?’ The vendor looks at you, judgment in his eyes, and replies: ‘Yes, you may have a kwa-sahn’.

“The chances are, there are at least a few foods that you’ve been saying wrong for years.”

20 foods and how to pronounce them

  1. Shiitake (mushrooms) – she-tah-kay
  2. Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) – bahn mee
  3. Edamame (beans) – ed-ah-mah-may
  4. Sriracha (hot sauce) – see-rotch-ah
  5. Hummus (dip) – hoom-uhs
  6. Gyro (kebab) – yee-roh
  7. Wiener (sausage) – vee-ner
  8. Manchego (cheese) – mahn-chay-goh
  9. Tapenade (paste) – top-en-ahde
  10. Crudite (raw veg) – kroo-dee-tay
  11. Croissant (pastry) – kwa-sahn
  12. Beignet (fried pastries) – ben-yey
  13. Cicchetti (Italian-style tapas) – chih-keh-tee
  14. Nutella (spread) – new-tell-uh
  15. Prosciutto (ham) – proh-shoo-toh
  16. Ciabatta (bread) – chuh-bott-uh
  17. Focaccia (bread) – foe-kah-chuh
  18. Jalapeno (pepper) – hah-luh-peyn-yoh
  19. Guacamole (dip) – wak-a-mol-ay
  20. Quesadilla (Mexican dish) – kay-suh-dee-yah
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