Grandmother complains after airport expansion means 50 planes a day taxi at end of her garden


A grandmother has complained after an airport expansion means planes now taxi at the end of her garden.

Retired newsagent Janet Marchant, 67, says the revamp has turned her life into a nightmare with 50 jets a day coming within 150ft of her garden.

She claims the new runway strip at Southend airport, Essex, means planes pass every 20 minutes and the constant noise and fumes has left her and her husband Paul miserable.

She said: “You can’t have a conversation in the garden with anyone because you can’t hear them.

“When we are inside with the door closed we have to pause the TV until the plane has gone past.

“We worry about our grandchildren coming around and the enjoyment of having people over for BBQs is ruined.

“I love my garden and used to do a lot of gardening but now it is all spoilt with the noise and the smell.”

Mrs Marchant, who has lived there for seven years, also said she worried about the damage it will do to the value of her house.

She added: “You do worry if you have a house viewing and there’s a huge plane sat at the bottom of the garden.”


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