Government issues health warning over cream tea as Devon and Cornwall favourite packed with 1,000 CALORIES


HUNGRY Brits have been warned to think twice before chowing down on a scone slathered with cream and jam.

The Devon and Cornwall favourite can contain up to ten cubes of sugar and 1,000 calories – half the recommended daily intake.

The afternoon tea treat can contain up to half the recommended daily intake of sugar
The afternoon tea treat can contain up to half the recommended daily intake of sugar
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Even when eaten plain, the afternoon tea staple can contain 74- calories, a Food Standards Agency survey has revealed.

The warning comes as the UK staggers into an obesity crisis, with an estimated on in four adults overweight. It’s claimed that by 2030, half of the UK could be obese if the trends continue.

The study saw 11 councils in Northern Ireland assess 57 plain, “luxury” and fruit scones across local coffee shops and cafes.

Some of the worst for your hips include a raspberry and white chocolate luxury scone, containing a whopping 22.7g of fat, while the largest, a fruit scone, contained about 39.2g of sugar and 750kcal.

Some fruit scones even contained as much sugar as a can of Coca Cola.

Fionnuala Close, senior dietary health adviser at the FSA in Northern Ireland, said: “Typically, our diets contain too much sugar, saturated fat and salt yet, at the same time, we’re not consuming enough fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods.”

She said it was important to raise awareness that the popular snack might have more calories than expected.

She explained: “The availability of choice, in terms of ingredients and scone size, is an important consideration for consumers and producers alike.

“Our role is to make people aware of the nutritional content of what they’re eating so they can make choices which contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.”

The survey is part of a wider Know Your Calories campaign which aims to inform the public of their recommended daily calorie intake and advise where to find calorie information when shopping and eating out.

To maintain a healthy, balanced diet, a man needs around 2,500kcal per day and a woman needs around 2,000kcal per day.

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