Google Maps Street View: VERY embarrassing incident caught on Russian road


Google Maps Street View has captured the aftermath of a very embarrassing incident on a road in Russia. The photo shows a huge truck completely overturned on the side of the road following an accident. To make matters worse, the lorry was clearly carrying an enormous load of sand which has spilt all over the tarmac. The huge swathe of sand covers a large portion of the road, forcing cars to drive around it.

Adding to the comedy of the Street View image, are the two officials in uniform and two plainclothes men staring right at the Google camera as they stand by the spillage.

It is as though the truck drivers have been caught red-faced in the embarrassing mishap.

Four other men are by the truck itself, two or whom are crouching and appear to be assessing the damage.

It is clear the tidy-up of the sand spill could take some time and effort.

There is no obvious clue as to how the accident happened. The back of the truck appears to go over the side of the road and has crashed into the barrier. The sand can be seen in a mound on the grass verge, too.

Viewers of the Google scene are simply left to guess what could have befallen the truck drivers and the overturned vehicle.

This is not the first time a road accident has been snapped by Google Maps Street View.

One man was photographed just as he is hurled off his bike into the middle of a busy road surrounded by traffic. 

The man can be seen sprawled across the tarmac as he throws out an arm to protect himself from the impact of the fall.

The unfortunate accident must have been very painful – although no one nearby has yet stopped to help him in the image.

His bike has tumbled to the tarmac to the right of him as he was hurled to the ground.

A silver car can be seen just in front of the poor man, suggesting the vehicle could have played a role in the incident.

However, a pedestrian walking along the left-hand side pavement of the road did not turn around, potentially eradicating the possibility of a collision. Perhaps the cyclist had an unfortunately timed wobble and simply fell off his two wheels.

Other accidents are more baffling. A crashed car was spotted on the mapping service in Ireland, but quite how the accident happened is unclear. 

The dark green vehicle has smashed straight into a huge boulder marking the corner of a turn-off.

The car’s bonnet is completely caved in and clearly no longer usable. But it does beg the question, why has it not been towed away?

The crash looks to have been fairly bad given the wreck of the car, but it’s not known what happened to the driver and the occupants.


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