Google Maps Street View: Terrifying sight spotted on remote road – what happened here?


Google Maps Street View has captured a scene that could well be out of a nightmare. It has photographed a remote road in northern Wyoming, USA, aptly called Recluse Road. But the road is like no other when viewed on Street View. Instead of asphalt and sky, the image is positively otherworldly. The shot is a mass of red and pink colours and shows no visible landmarks or signs of the earth’s surface as we know it all.

No matter what direction the Google viewer turns, the vivid colours are everywhere.

It is as though the user is trapped or being subjected to a blinding light display.

Could something more sinister be at play here? What could possibly have happened to this terrifying road?

However, rather than being a portal to another world, it is likely there is a much more rational explanation.

Realistically, it is probably the result of a glitch, which often happens on Google Maps Street View.

The cameras can sometimes make a mistake when splicing the images together and create some tricky optical illusions.

This is far from the first time such a mysterious glitch has been captured by Google.

For instance, a road in New Mexico, USA also seems to be nothing like a normal road.

More like Edvard Munch’s The Scream painting than a real location, Highway 285, near Albuquerque, is an array of blurred colours. 

Google Maps shows the road to be a green-grey colour while all around it is a mass of purple and pinks.

What’s more, the road appears to lead absolutely nowhere making it look even more supernatural.

To add to the sinister nature of the shot, New Mexico is particularly famous for being home to Roswell, known for UFO sightings and the paranormal.

However just as with the road in Wyoming, most likely Google rendered the image incorrectly.

Another example is a road in Santa Catarina in Brazil. When attempting to explore it on Google Maps, it hides a weird secret.

Travelling down the road, the entire map suddenly goes black, plunging the user into the dark. 

It continues down for quite some way of the road, also showing some mysterious green markings.


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