Google Maps Street View: New Jersey road hides terrifying secret – what happened?


Google Maps Street View has captured a road in the state of New Jersey in the USA. At first glance the road seems entirely ordinary – there’s plenty of greenery and houses are dotted either side. But there’s something highly unusual about Hibbler Road – it appears to be harbouring an alarming secret. As the Google Maps user travels down the road they pass from the ordinary street into a nightmare.

In one click, you leave behind the verdant New Jersey street and seem to enter into another world altogether.

Instead of discovering more trees and tarmac, the viewer is presented with a black screen covered in purple lines which worryingly resemble prison bars.

Clicking around in the vicinity simply shows you are utterly surrounded by this otherworldly sight.

No signs of normal life can be seen whatsoever – New Jersey as you know it has utterly disappeared.

Then, if the user clicks once again they travel forward into a similarity barred existence but the background is white and the lines dark coloured.

If one moves another step further – Hibbert Road comes back into view – trees either side and a junction ahead.

It is as though nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. A look back at the road from where you came shows no signs of the alternate universe – just more greenery.

Could it be a Narnia-esque world that lies on the road and a portal to another land entirely?

Of course, no matter how interesting this would be, the explanation is probably much more mundane.

The weird effect is most likely due to a technological glitch with the Google cameras. The sight can be found at the coordinates 40.587164, -74.872356.

Such strange errors have also been spotted in other areas of the world.

For example, also in the USA, there is a remote street called Recluse Road in northern Wyoming. 

But the road is like no other when viewed on Street View. Instead of asphalt and sky, the image is positively otherworldly.

The shot is a mass of red and pink colours and shows no visible landmarks or signs of the earth’s surface as we know it all.

No matter what direction the Google viewer turns, the vivid colours are everywhere. has contacted Google for comment on the strange glitches.


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