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Google Maps: Strange object spotted in river sparks UFO debate


Google Maps helps people to map the world. From visiting famous landmarks to being able to see your home, you can travel to almost anywhere in the world you want to. However, sometimes users also uncover some strange scenes that leaves them questioning.

Unfortunately there is no instant explanation as to what this could be which is why so many suggested it could be a UFO.

At closer inspection, it appears it could be some sort of boat or water tower instead of a vehicle from outer space.

However, there are no other boats or objects on the river which makes this scene so unusual.

Even when zoomed in, it is hard to identify what the object exactly is because it looks so out of place.

However another said: “It is just a water filtering facility built in the architectural style of Wiener Secession.”

This also appears to be a water tower but it is placed in the middle of the forest which made many Google Maps users question extra terrestrial life.

The image went viral and has been called Alien UFO Resort on the destination on Google Maps.

Both of the water towers looked very similar and both had circular holes on the top which is what made people question what they were seeing. 


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