Google maps: Shock as bizarre drug-based food product captured by Street View team


Google Maps’ Street View team honed in on a drug-based food product which sparked shock among a section of viewers. The cameras were doing their rounds in America, capturing life on the streets of San Francisco, when they happened upon the treat. As well as snapping shots of the exterior of the Green Cross pharmacy, they ventured inside the premises. Yet the team perhaps did not expect what they discovered inside.

After venturing through reception, they travelled down a narrow corridor.

There they were met with a huge food counter displaying what looked to be an array of ordinary dessert treats.

Yet these were no ordinary sweet snacks, actually including drug marijuana as a key ingredient.

The main one was displayed on the till with a special sign.

This read ‘triple strength gummies’, complete with a brief about the medically-approved item.

Alongside the image of the caramel-looking food were specific details of the products.

It appears many of the goodies contained marijuana, which may seem strange to some UK residents, but is actually perfectly legal for medical purposes on prescription in the state.

The drug is believed to ease chronic pain, stiffness from multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy-related nausea.

Other treats in the store included avocado body balm and a honey and agave nectar shot.

Meanwhile, back in England, another shop was sparking controversy, this time due to a certain member of staff.

Shocking snaps show a male butcher getting stuck into his meaty day job, behind the till.

The individual, who works at Andrew’s Quality Meats, London, was standing proudly in front of his shop sign ready for the morning trade.

While he had remembered to bring his straw wicker hat to look the part, he appeared to have forgotten the entirety of the rest of his uniform.

His naked body was merely covered by a dark blue apron.

This didn’t seem to stop him serving and pictures showed him cutting into a chunk of meat.


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