Going after Kell Brook makes no sense, Amir Khan ought to retire following bizarre Crawford loss


GOOD PEOPLE can do very bad things and evil people are still capable of the kindest deeds.

Amir Khan is not a quitter, he has made a fantastic career out of being too brave. But on Saturday night he pulled himself out of a fight. He quit against WBO welterweight champ Terence Crawford.

Amir Khan quit against Terence Crawford after a round-six low blow from the American champ
Khan was knocked down in the first round, but worked his way back before deciding to accept the defeat

The round-six low blow, to the human eye at first glance, looked mean but a dozen replays show it thundered into his thigh more than his crotch, making his decision to opt out of the second half of the showdown more baffling.

The rules state he could have taken a full five minutes to try to recover, but instead he and coach Virgil Hunter told referee David Fields that they were ready to swallow the fight and accept defeat.

Despite being dropped in the first round, he was not getting pinged from pillar to post.

Judge Guido Cavalleri gave him the second and Steve Weisfeld scored the third in his favour, he had worked his way back into the contest.

The ending was bizarre, when Khan was asked if he and his expert trainer even discussed taking advantage of the lengthy allowance to recoup, he mumbled something about needing to see a TV replay.

But he marched out to face the media after the flop ending, even after BT Sport cameras found him in tears when they were allowed into his dressing room.


It is a decision that could haunt Khan and his legacy long after he has gone, much like two tiny words like “No Mas” will forever tarnish the legacy of the great Roberto Duran.

Khan insisted to the British press, who found it tough to write about him choking for the first time in 32 years, that he would be back, that he remains a big draw.

But the American market will no longer see a swashbuckling ex-Olympian who is the ideal opponent for one of their homegrown heroes. Mud sticks and boos echo.

The only fight that remains for Khan is the domestic grudge match with Kell Brook and the Sheffield rival will beat him with this ugly stick if they ever agree on a clash.

Brook has underperformed in recent tune-up fights, as Khan had before this New York trip, and real boxing fans should be happy to see this one pass them by, after both put plenty on the line already.

Khan, whose unofficial catchphrase has always been: “Come back stronger”, should consider hanging up his once rapid gloves.

But he said: “I would never quit, I would rather be knocked out. I have been knocked out. I must have been in pain, I need to watch it back.

“I would not have come to the press conference if I had quit, I wanted to come here to explain. I am not a quitter.

“I wanted to fight the best and win as many titles as possible. I am 32 so I think I have more in me, I love the sport like I always have.”

The sport should truly love Amir too and sometimes letting go of a loved one is best thing to do.

The only fight that remains for Khan is the pointless domestic grudge match with Kell Brook
PA:Press Association



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