Gin Guild goes to war as it says gin boom has created imitations which do not meet definition of the drink 


The Gin Guild has gone to war against ‘fake gins’, arguing that the popularity of the drink has lead to the market being flooded with bottles of drink that do not meet the criteria.

Because of the “gin boom”, leading to a record number of distilleries opening in England, dozens of companies have sprung up hoping to capitalise on the nation’s growing love of the drink.

According to new figures from HMRC, export sales in of British gin reached a record £612 million in 2018,  meaning that they have doubled in value since 2010, and increased by 15 per cent on last year. British people consumed 66 million bottles of the spirit, which is a 41 per cent increase on last year.

The Gin Guild has reported scores of bottled spirits calling themselves “gin” or “gin based liqueur” to Trading Standards. To count as gin, the drink must be at least 37.5 per cent ABV and taste strongly of juniper. Many drinks on sale as “gin” are as low as 18 per cent ABV and taste mainly of an ingredient that is not juniper, including chocolate and marshmallow.

Nicholas Cook, director general of the Gin Guild, told The Telegraph: “They aren’t gins at all, the problem is that gin has become incredibly popular but the problem with that is a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon.


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