Giant Horse-headed Bats, Five-legged Frogs And Geese With Razor-sharp Tongues – These Are The World’s Freakiest Animals


THE hammerhead bat looks like something straight from the special effects department of a horror movie – but in parts of Africa they’re as common as cats.

The terrifying beast – dubbed the flying donkey – proves Mother Nature likes to have a bit of fun every now and then.

However, as these baffling wildlife photographs show, some of her creations are as scary as they are bizarre.

Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful animals that have to be filed under the heading ‘Freaks of Nature’.

Reddit/AestheticPurrfection One of the creepiest creatures in the world is the Hammerhead bat which some say looks like a flying donkey

Reddit Not many people know geese have serrated ‘teeth’ – called tomia – on the edge of their tongues

Reddit/ This fearsome fungus look like it has come straight out of the Alien movie series

BRYKUPONO/Reddit This freakish five-legged frog should have no problems hopping around

Reddit/fingerbus Measuring tens inches across this gigantic spider is the real stuff of nightmares

Facebook/Meanwhile In Australia This can only go horribly wrong – for all of the parties involved

Reddit/ericd420 When snapdragon plants dry up they leave behind what look like tiny skulls

Reddit/Luke-HW Scallops actually have both teeth and eyes – and there are lots of them

Reddit/bassistmuzikman This puffer fish looks like the world’s biggest conker after it was washed into a tree

Barcroft Media A black Swallower fish died after it attempted to eat a rival four times its size

Reddit/Alphawolfdog Thousands of creepy crawlies slither up a post to escape rising flood waters

Reddit/perc10 Seaweed makes a good impression of giant squids closing in on these surfers

Imgur/WoahitsWelker A plant’s roaming roots made their home in the skull of this animal

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