George Galloway savages Sturgeon's independence plot 'You can't be independent in the EU!'

Political commentator George Galloway broke into an enraged rant over Scottish Independence during his show. While reading out listener’s comments, Mr Galloway took issue with the claim Scotland would get a free trade agreement with other countries if it had independence. He said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants to rejoin the European Union if granted independence, making it impossible for Scotland to agree its own free trade agreements.

Mr Galloway said: “Steve says, If Scotland declares independence, China will have a free trade agreement with Scotland.

“But of course it won’t Steve, this is because Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP are going to take Scotland into the European Union.”

Mr Galloway went into greater detail of why the Scottish could lose out on the benefits of independence if it rejoined the EU.

He said “This word independence is a complete misnomer.

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“You cannot be independent inside of the European Union.

“You will be less independent than you are now.”

He added: “You will not be entitled to have free trade agreements with anybody.

“This includes England and Wales, get your head around that.

“You could put up your hard border, never sell another good or service in England.

“You could then try to make up the difference in Slovenia or Slovakia.

“But you will be doing it under the terms dictated by the European Union.”


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