Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei And Abi Holborn Film In Blackpool After Returning For The First Time Since City Banned Them


GEORDIE Shore’s Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei, Abi Holborn and Faith Mullen were spotted in Blackpool for the first time since the show was banned from filming there.

The girls were seen traipsing around the town with their bodyguards and crew and getting up to their old tricks in Home HQ Nightclub at an 80’s tropicana party.

Splash News Chloe was a bit worse for wear by the end of the night

The hell raising group had a whale of time and certainly made an impression with the locals on their return to the city.

Chloe, 22, danced on a bar as Abi chatted to men and at one point Sam Gowland’s girlfriend laid sprawled out on the floor with her legs in the air.

She was later pap’d stumbling around in the car park as her minder tried to keep up with her.

The lasses partied up a storm until 3am in the morning before they were bundled into a minibus and taken home.

Despite their boozing and drunken mishaps, there were no signs of their cameramen being asked to stop filming after council bosses banned them from the Lancashire resort back in 2014.

Splash News Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry chats to men in the HQ Club in Blackpool

Splash News The girls entertained clubbers as they necked booze and danced on the bar

Tourism bosses said they didn’t want the likes of Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby to paint the town in a bad light and didn’t want them filming there.

They issued a warning to club owners at the time and told the town’s businesses to steer clear of the Geordie Shore cast.

Councillour Graham Cain said: “On a daily basis we receive requests from production companies to film in Blackpool.

“As a town which relies on tourism we have to careful about allowing programmes to be filmed which may show the resort in a detrimental manner.

Splash News Geordie Shore girls Chloe Ferry and Abi Holborn were followed by cameras as they filmed the show in Blackpool

Splash News Chloe ended up on the floor after dancing on the bar

“We prefer to work with companies that appeal to our target market of families and do so on a regular basis.

“All requests are carefully considered but on this occasion we chose to refuse Lime Pictures’ application for permission.”

Thought they might be getting up to no good, the show can rake in over a million viewers on average per episode.

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland get a late night kebab after partying at Bijoux Nightclub

The Geordie Shore cast of 2014 included Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby

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