Gareth Gates is turning into Peter Andre as he poses for a fake-tanned topless photoshoot and plans huge over the top wedding


SWARTHY, slick, six-packed, dripping in fake tan with a neon white smile and an impressive voice pitch to break windows – but is that Gareth Gates or Peter Andre?

It seems that former Pop Idol-er Gareth is slowly but surely morphing into veteran Aussie spunk Peter Andre.

Gareth Gates or Peter Andre?

They’re both proud owners of staggering six-packs and are more often than not smothered in Baby Oil.

They have beautiful brunette partners on their biceps, a lifelong admiration for Michael Jackson and a love story of varying degrees with Katie Price.

Here’s how uncannily alike they really are.

In fact, they’re practically the same Flava…

Peter Andre or Gareth Gates as Peter Andre?

They both came second in life-changing competitions

Pop supremo Peter Andre, 46, has had undies thrown at him for a couple of decades, so it’s no surprise that the hunk is worth a huge chunk with a net worth of around £11 million.

He originally took part in an Aussie dancing competition to meet Michael Jackson – but missed out on the then-coveted crown to Wade Robson, one of Jackson’s accusers in documentary Leaving Neverland.

TV star Gareth Gates, 34, popped onto the scene back in 2002 on the original music reality show Pop Idol.

He’s estimated to be worth £3.8 million but missed out on the reality crooning crown to Will Young. He then went on to tour and cover MJ hits including The Way You Make Me Feel.

After the documentary, a bit uneasy TBH.

Gareth Gates and Will Young on Pop Idol in 2002 and coming second
News Group Newspapers Ltd
Peter Andre (third from right) taking part in a competition to meet Michael Jackson and coming second

They both held a burning firework for Katie Price

Peter Andre and Katie Price are the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. Or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Or maybe Den and Angie Watts from EastEnders.

Either way their love was once strong and real and they married and produced a beautiful family. Yes, they divorced, but that’s what Shakespeare would have wanted.

The internet and human kind imploded when Katie Price revealed that Gareth was one of the notches on her bedpost and she plucked his flower of virginity when he was 17 – which he denied at the time.

The artist formerly known as glamour model Jordan was pregnant with son Harvey at the time and later admitted their affair was a mistake, adding that “it was over in seconds”.

As was his music career after this came out.

Katie Price and Peter Andre when they were in love
Rex Features
Gareth and his ex wife Suzanne Mole
Rex Features

They have a penchant for brunettes and babies

Pete – once married to Katie Price – is now married to brunette beauty, doctor Emily MacDonagh, who is 16 years his junior and they have a girl named Amelia, born on January 7, 2014 and a boy named Theodore born on November 22, 2016.

Gareth has an ex wife, Suzanne Mole who he married in 2008. The couple were married for four years, however, just three years after they tied the knot the couple announced their split and they have a daughter called Missy.

Gareth is now engaged to brunette bombshell Corrie star Faye Brookes.

Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh
Getty – Contributor
Gareth Gates and Faye Brookes are engaged

Weddings: the bigger, the better

Pete and Katie’s wedding was like Barbie and Ken on acid. They married on September 10, 2005, in Highclere Castle, Hampshire (where Downton Abbey is filmed).

Pete serenaded Princess Pricey at his wedding, showing off his vocal talents and apparent issues with sweating profusely wearing the heavy tux.

Meanwhile, Gareth is planning an intimate but ‘huge’ wedding, sure to be full of celebs and stars.  

Gareth sung a self-penned 17-minute song before pulling out a stunning 4-carat diamond ring when he proposed.
And, hopefully, a chair for her.

They’re both keen wordsmiths

Both Peter and Gareth have penned books. Both of which if they’re not on your coffee table really ought to be. Pete’s latest autobiography Between Us was released in 2016, but Gareth hasn’t published one since 2002, called Right From The Start. Which is generally a good place to start reading a book.

One of Peter Andre’s autobiographies, Between Us
Gareth Gates’ autobiography, Right From The Start

Forever fake tanned

There’s only so many weeks a year a celeb can pop back to the Maldives to top up a tan, so in between it’s imperative to maintain sunkissed – even out of a bottle.

Pete leads the way with his Greek god tanned skin and possibly a little help from a spray-cation tanning booth.

And it appears Bradford-born Gareth must have inherited those West Yorkshire tanning genes which keep him bronzed all year through too.

Peter Andre – tanned,  toned and PVC-ed in the 90s
Rex Features
A super tanned Gareth Gates and fiancee Faye Brookes
Splash News

Pecs appeal

There’s no denying that the most memorable thing to come out of the 90s was Peter Andre’s six-pack. And he seems to have generously passed on the brawn baton to Gareth, as we can see, posing, tense and taut, with a stomach sideboard stiff enough to have a brew on.

Peter Andre showing off his pecs
Gareth Gates working out in the gym

Reality TV totty

Not only did Peter Andre meet his future wife on I’m A Celeb… but he also foxtrotted his way through Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s quite hard to remember him being on it as he didn’t end up marrying anyone at the end of the show.

Gareth Gates plunged onto the ice and into some Lycra leggings for a stint on Dancing On Ice. It’s a shame they didn’t let him perform in a crop top.

Peter Andre on Strictly Come Dancing
Gareth Gates on Dancing On Ice
Rex Features

Questionable catwalk kings

The fashion-confused amongst us may wonder what on earth they are wearing. Others will wow at the sartorial choices of the duo. Although you may need some sunglasses.

Gareth Gates in a dazzling suit
Peter Andre in a snazzy suit from the 90s

What a couple of dumbbells

Isn’t the point of celebs having phones so they can take selfies? And when you’re the owner of a scorching hot bod it’s criminal to keep it to yourself which is probably why Gareth and Peter are no stranger to sharing their sweaty, peccy gym pics.

Peter Andre showing off his pecs
Gareth Gates shows off his biceps in selfie

The hair, the beard, the pearly whites

It’s a fact of life. Facial hair makes a man look 78% more attractive and grown up than without. So it’s good to see Gareth now sporting some facial fuzz while Pete’s still grooming his facial locks, just how we like it.

Glowing white gnashers, locks of thick, shiny flammable hair. These two could be twins.

Time to pen a new track, Pete, called Mysterious Boy?


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