Game-changing Kickstarter shoe hook lets you hang your heels off your bag or boyfriend when your feet hurt after a night out


EVERY woman knows the feels of wanting to slip out of the heels into something more comfortable – but what are you supposed to do with your favourite shoes on a night out?

Now an American Kickstarter campaign has solved this infamous dilemma with a product that allows you to carry your shoes in any purse, or even attach them to your boyfriend.

My Shoe Bae allows you to carry high heels without having to hold them

My Shoe Bae is a prototype idea that has already raised one third of it’s financial goal, and over £5,000, in just a matter of days.

The helpful product hooks on to a purse or person with a small clip and hangs your heels on a pair of special rings so you can save leaving them on the side of the dance floor.

Developed by Colorade-based logistics operator Julie Richardson, the game-changing clip means you can slip on your flats without lugging around a big bag.

The busy mum-of-one spent 18 months juggling raising a child while researching and planning the product.

The product is looking for financial backing on Kickstarter
So far the Shoe Bae has received £5,000 of it’s £15,800 target

My Shoe Bae is likely to be music to the ears of many high-heel wearing women, as shoes can be securely attached to handbags and clothing instead of having to hold them while dancing the night away.

For the project to be completed, a total of £15,800 needs to be raised in no more than 40 days – and time is already ticking.

Speaking on how she invented the Shoe Bae, Julie explains on Kickstarter: “I was in the pit at a Britney Spears concert and after two hours standing in line and then 45 minutes of dancing, my feet were killing me.

“I dug around in my purse to find two hair ties and a couple of bobby pins, and in less that a minute, I used those to secure my heels to my crossbody bag.

“Upon returning home, the inspiration for My Shoe Bae was in full force and the rest is history.”

The best news is that they’re already shipping to the UK for £20 if you promise to back their campaign, which will also see you listed as a BAE on the product website.

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