Furious mum accuses Aldi of ripping off her ‘unique’ pram screen to protect kids from the sun


A FURIOUS mum has accused Aldi of ripping off her “unique” pram screen that protects kids from the sun.

Cara Sayer, 47, invented her attachable device SnoozeShade nine years ago following the birth of her daughter Holly.

Can you spot the difference? Aldi is putting a new pram sun shade on the market on Thursday – and one entrepreneur is not happy about it at all
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Cara Sayer created the SnoozeShade in 2009 and says she’s been left ‘gobsmacked’ by Aldi’s invention
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Cara’s trademarked SnoozeShade is sold around the world
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The mum from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, poured tens of thousands of pounds and her “blood, sweet and tears” into the creation.

A decade later and her award-winning, safety-tested product is sold internationally, with rave views on Boots, Amazon and other outlets.


But she’s been left horrified after budget supermarket Aldi announced it would be selling a very similar device for half the price.

The budget supermarket’s new sun shade goes on sale from Thursday at £9.99 – £10 cheaper than Cara’s trademarked product that now sells around the world.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked,” she told The Sun Online.

“They have literally copied the product and also my packaging.

“They’ve taken icons and designs off my packaging too. It’s not really about the money, it’s about the principle.

“I’ve put blood, sweat and tears, and my own personal money [into this].

“I’ve kept the business going through a divorce and they think ‘oh well, we’re just going to copy it because it’s a best seller’.”


Cara says she plans to speak to lawyers and find out her legal rights before contacting Aldi.

“I don’t know yet whether I can get them to admit they are wrong or take it off sale. I’m only a one-woman band,” she continued.

“Other products that have come onto the market have not taken my product and copied it, they’ve added their own touches and differences. Every single bit of that product has come from my design.”

She revealed she has pre-ordered the Aldi sun shade so she can investigate for herself how similar the products are.

SnoozeShade was launched by Cara in March 2010 after finding it “ridiculous” that mums needed blankets or cardigans to cover prams when required.

An Aldi spokesperson responded to the comments, saying: “Like many other similar products on the market our Mamia Stroller Sun Shade helps keep little ones safe and comfortable out of the sun.”

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Aldi is releasing a new pram sun shade product on Thursday for half the price
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