Frozen 2 plot: What is Frozen 2 about? Will Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 2?


The first Frozen movie debuted back in 2013, and despite Disney’s trigger-happy finger when it comes to sequels, it took two more years for Frozen 2 to be announced. Today Frozen 2 had its first teaser released, and fans are ready. With a release date change in the rearview mirror, fans have moved on to more pressing questions…

What is the plot of Frozen 2?

Unfortunately, the answer is: we don’t really know.

The trailer does not give much away in terms of plot points.

What we can glean is the upcoming adventure is far away from Arendelle.

Some fans have speculated that Elsa will single-handedly take on climate change.


The first 40 seconds of the trailer focus on Elsa trying to surmount raging waves (the unsettled seas being cited as a metaphor for climate change).

Though Elsa now has her powers under control, there is a new threat.

It comes in the form of mystical floating diamonds.

Each diamond has a different design on the inside, at least on the official poster version.

Only two new cast members have been announced.

As such, two new characters appear in the trailer – but we can’t be sure they correspond to the new voice actors.

Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K Brown were announced back in July as new members of the cast.

There is a girl with long brown hair, and a blonde person, but neither speak so it is impossible to identify if they are the aforementioned actors.

Will Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 2?

Hopefully, but nothing has been confirmed by Disney.

One fan spotted the new brunette in the trailer, and tweeted: “who is SHE”

Bell responded very cryptically to the fan, who has “GIVE ELSA A GIRLFRIEND” in their username, simply writing: “Hmmmm…..”.

The trailer doesn’t give anything away as far as Elsa’s love interest either.

Some fans speculate the mysterious brunette could be her paramour.

Idina Menzel who voices Elsa expressed her support for a lesbian Elsa.

If Elsa were to be given a girlfriend, it would make her the first LGBTQ princess – a step towards equality from Disney.

Besides which, if Disney princesses can fall in love with beasts and ogres, why not another woman?

Frozen 2 is out in cinemas on November 22, 2019.


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