From Dead Flies To Unnatural Eyebrows… The Jaw-dropping Examples Of When Make-up Goes Horribly Wrong


WE’VE all experienced a make-up disaster at some point in our lives and sympathised with Bridget Jones’ fail in the back of a cab.

So spare a thought for these people who are having a make-up meltdown.

SNAP Viral This person is in danger of being eaten alive by bubbles

Some are mid disaster, while other may need to fine-tune their application.

From dodgy eyebrows to dead flies, it shows you’re not alone the next time you’re experiencing a beauty nightmare.

Just make sure you take a photo so you can look back and laugh.

SNAP Viral Spare a thought – or eyelash – for this person who got more than they bargained for

SNAP Viral This look may need a little fine-tuning

SNAP Viral Those are some very interesting, and scary, eyebrows

SNAP Viral We would be here all night trying to fix this

SNAP Viral We hope they weren’t your expensive sheets

SNAP Viral Those are some statement lips and eyebrows going on

SNAP Viral This person may need to buy a new toothbrush

SNAP Viral Another striking eyebrow and lip look

SNAP Viral This makes our skin crawl – we hope you don’t work in food

SNAP Viral Perhaps the child thought this was actual chocolate

SNAP Viral Children and make-up do not mix

SNAP Viral We’ve never seen eyebrow hair that looks like that

SNAP Viral At least they all have matching nails

SNAP Viral There is so much wrong with this look we don’t know where to begin

SNAP Viral She probably should have invested in waterproof mascara

SNAP Viral We hope that top is machine washable

SNAP Viral That is going to be one hell of a cleaning job

SNAP Viral This duck pout has gone very wrong somehow

SNAP Viral We feel sorry for that pair of shoes

SNAP Viral At least the pug only ate half the blender

SNAP Viral One example of ‘you should have gone to Specsavers’

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