From a wrestling ring to Mrs. Potato Head – bizarre Houston Art Car Parade shows off some of the weirdest vehicles you’ll ever see


EVERY car owner wants to make their vehicle unique, adding their own personal touches to their favourite set of wheels.

But some drivers take it to a whole new level, creating motors that are truly one-of-a-kind.

This fish motor is just one of the strange designs to feature at Houston’s Art Car Parade
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The annual Houston Art Car Parade is one such example of bizarre one-off creations on four wheels.

The 32nd edition of the iconic celebration was held in the Texas city over the weekend, where an estimated 250,000 people watched almost 250 of the most unusual vehicles ever seen grace the streets.

Since the inaugural event in 1988, the parade has grown enormously and become one of Houston’s largest displays of art, allowing motoring fanatics the chance to express their unique flavour.

Read on to see some of the most outrageous designs to feature in this year’s display.

Taking on the road

Any WWE fan’s dream motor
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Rare sight

You won’t see a unicorn on top of a jaguar again any time soon
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Party bus

Not your average bus journey
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Low rider

One of the more subtle designs in the parade
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Santa’s coming

He may be a little early for Christmas
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Van Story

Mrs. Potato Head never looked so good
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Absolute monstrosity

Things got a little hairy when this motor appeared on the road
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Hovering over the Astros

This baseball fan had his own reclining motor to show off
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Dragon Wheels

The smoke is a nice touch
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Keep your distance

Don’t get too close to these spinning wheels
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Rat Race

Thumbs up for this mini motor
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Who you gunna call?

This Ghostbusters car is an impressive recreation
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