France warning: Travel disruption threat amid ‘violent’ protests – will it affect you?


France holidaymakers are being urged to rake care as the FCO updates its travel advice to the popular tourist destination. The travel warning was issued today, amid the now-famous yellow vest protests, for those in France this weekend. The FCO has said that previous demonstrations have become violent and police will be present. The protests could also seriously affect travel so Britons should check for disruption ahead of departure.

The FCO said: “Some protests linked to the yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement continue across France, generally taking place on Saturdays.

“While now smaller in scale, previous demonstrations have led to violence. If demonstrations do turn violent, a heavy police/gendarmerie presence is to be expected.

“Motorists travelling through France may continue to experience some delays or blockages caused by local demonstrators.

“You should drive with caution as protestors may be present on roads, motorways and toll booths.

“In all cases, you should avoid demonstrations wherever possible and follow the advice of the local authorities.”

The FCO added: “If you’re crossing the Channel, check the website of your chosen operator before you set off.”

Saturday marked the 35th consecutive week of the nationwide protest against President Emmanuel Macron and his policies. 

Yellow vest protestors urged their followers to join the rally on Bastille Day to show their disdain for the French leader.

Before the 14 July parade, Macron delivered a message to the French people and said he wanted to highlight France’s “irrevocable commitment to consolidate French and European security”.

He said: “Never since the end of the Second World War has Europe been so necessary.

“The construction of a Europe of defence, in connection with the Atlantic Alliance… is a priority for France. It is the theme of this parade.

“Acting together and strengthening our ability to act collectively is one of the challenges that the European Intervention Initiative, along with other key European projects, wants to address.”

During the parade and protests over the weekend, French police were forced to fire tear gas to stop the protesters from the Champs Elysees avenue.

France holidaymakers are also being urged to protect themselves as the Asian Tiger mosquito invades the county. 

“The Asian Tiger mosquito is like a mini vampire with a notoriously painful bite, and has spread dengue fever throughout southern France,” bite prevention expert, Howard Carter told

“The situation has got so bad in France that mosquito control campaigns are currently running to help protect the local population. But it’s not going well and it seems that these biting insects are here to stay, so it’s imperative that Britons are made aware and travel protected to France.”

“The Asian Tiger mosquito is one of the most aggressive and is only active during the day, so to protect yourself ensure you ‘CLOAK’ yourself,” said Carter.

Carter explained the acronym and the steps to take: “C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing,” he said.

“Next is L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable as mosquitoes are drawn to dark. O – Odours such as perfumes and ordinary toiletries e.g. shampoos or shower gels are strong attractants. So use anti-mosquito wash products instead and exfoliate with a loofah.

“Then there is A – Apply an effective, preferably PMD-based insect repellents such as incognito or DEET. K – Keep away from stagnant water if possible.”


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