France warning: Britons eye cancelling holiday plans early amid quarantine fears


    France’s coronavirus figures have risen at the fastest rate since lockdown ended in the country, according to reports. On Friday (August 6), coronavirus infections increased by 2,288. The country has not experienced an increase like that since May.

    “The way the reports are, it seems the government may do this without any thought about the consequences for people like us.

    “Dominic Cummings [Boris Johnson’s advisor] can do exactly as he likes, but we lesser mortals have to blindly follow rules that frankly don’t seem to be very carefully thought out.

    “I can work from home but my children are due back in school next month and I really don’t want them to be penalised by having to start late.”

    France potentially being removed from the quarantine exemption list has angered Britons on Twitter too.

    One user said: “Please make a decision on France in the next 24 hours before thousands of us with families go on holiday and risk children not starting school.

    Quarantine means we can cancel and get ££ back.” [sic]

    Another said: “Have a two-week holiday booked to France leaving next Friday.

    “No idea what to do.

    “If we go we are likely to have to immediately return due to quarantine.

    “If we cancel we lose a years’ worth of savings. It’s been a s**t year and desperate for a break.”

    Another tweeted: “Is France really that bad, I’ve got a holiday booked there, do I need to cancel it?”

    The French health ministry chief Jerome Salomon said this week that there was an “upward” trend of coronavirus cases in France.

    “The virus continues to circulate very actively worldwide.

    “There is an upward trend in France and Europe.”


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