France quarantine: Iain Dale points out major paradox in Johnson's 14-day shielding order


    France was returned to the quarantine list on Thursday night, with all British holidaymakers heading back to the UK from the continent required to quarantine for 14 days from Saturday at 4AM. The news sparked the panic of the estimated 500,000 Britons holidaying in France who have been left scrambling in a bid to return to the UK before the new measures are set in place. But speaking to Good Morning Britain, broadcaster Iain Dale pointed out a serious inconsistency in Boris Johnson’s coronavirus containment stratefgy.

    Mr Dale said: “There is a bit of mixed messaging here going on again.

    “At exactly the same time, or more or less the same time they announced the new quarantine rules for those countries, they are relaxing the rules in this country, to an extent.

    “Why do that at the same time? It’s yet again the mixed messaging people are slightly confused by.”

    He added: “I absolutely agree they should introduce these quarantine rules but I’m not sure I would have relaxed these other rules at the same time.”

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    Alongside the reintroduction of 14-day shielding requirements, the Prime Minister also announced a further relaxation of social distancing rules for hairdressers and beauticians.

    But travel expert Simon Calder warner there is an approximate 580,000 Britons now facing the risk of being forced to stay home from work and school when they return from their European break.

    Mr Calder said: “I calculate there’s about half a million British holiday makers in France right now, as well as up to 50,000 people in The Netherlands and a further 30,000 in Malta.

    “Many of them thinking right now, ‘how the heck do we get back to Britain by 4am on Saturday?'”

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