Fortnite Prisoner SKIN: Stage 3 campfire locations for Snowfall costume


Fortnite fans are desparately trying to unlock stage 3 of the Prisoner skin.

Players can unlock the Prisoner skin by completing weekly challenges and unlocking hidden loading screens.

Part of the Snowfall challenges, these loading screens point players to hidden Battle Stars and banners.

And it looks like the Week 10 loading screen is tied to the bonfires added to update 7.30.

The loading screen – which can be seen above – suggests that Stage 3 of the Prisoner skin can be unlocked by visiting newly introduced Camfires.

Stage 3 is expected to be available following the release of the Week 10 challenges on Thursday, February 7.

To give you a helping hand once the challenges go live, we’ve highlighted all of the Environmental Campfire locations in the image below…

Fortnite fans can check out the new Campfires by downloading update 7.30.

Fortnite update 7.30 was announced by Epic Games on Twitter, alongside confirmation that the Foraged Campfire would make its debut this week.

“Gather around… get cozy around campfires in the v7.30 Content Update,” reads an Epic tweet. “Available tomorrow, February 5 at 8 AM ET(1300 UTC). There will be no downtime.”

The Foraged Campfires give players a place to heal with their squads when playing Battle Royale.

Bottle Rockets also make a return as part of update 7.30: “Fire and forget! Light the fuse and watch a stream of rockets barrage enemy locations with this new item.”

Elsewhere, the Boombox has been vaulted by Epic Games.


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