Flights: Watch male passenger spark shock as he shaves himself on a plane in odd scenes


Flight passengers have lots to prepare for ahead of their journey, especially if they are going on a family holiday. With lots of products to pack and itineraries to plan, sometimes personal prep takes a back seat. Whether this be waxing, haircuts or simply a manicure, travellers sometimes struggle to find the time. This could well have been the case with one male traveller, who took his shaver on board to give himself a haircut while flying.

A clip capturing him in the act was posted to Instagram page, Passenger Shaming, where it has more than 145,438 views.

It was uploaded with the caption: “Getting ready for the weekend like…” followed by a host of hairdresser Emoji icons.

It showed the man sitting in the front row, close to the bathrooms.

He can be seen smoothing the shaver over the right side of his head to perfect his skinhead look.

A flight attendant could be seen to the left of the shot, as well as cabin crew handing out hot towels on the right.

Yet neither intervened as he continued his haircut.

Instagram users were left completely taken aback by the scenes.

One commented: “I don’t understand why the stewards and stewardesses are not asking these people to STOP! Please explain!”

Another put: “Totally agree. Take it behind closed doors ya freak!”

A third then added: “I would have whipped him with a hot towel. WTF is wrong with some people?!”

It remains unclear whether the man was able to complete his beauty routine without intervention.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a passenger squealed in horror as she spotted a fellow travellers foot near her chair.

It began with the lady covering her mouth in shock as she sat in her flight seat.

She then zoomed the lens onto a unsightly foot propped up on the left hand side of her chair, which belonged to a man in the seat behind who clearly fancied a spot of extra leg room to extend out.

It appeared a little swollen, with the heel a darkened purple colour.

The lens then panned back to the phone-owner, who remained stunned.


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