Flights: Plane passengers repulsed by woman’s disgusting act during flight


Flights may be a chance to kick back and relax but this doesn’t mean plane passengers should throw all inhibitions to the wind. There’s still a certain level of etiquette travellers should adhere to as there are other around. One woman was snapped in a photo shared by Instagram account passengershaming doing something particularly shocking. The female passenger seemed to show no care for anyone nearby as she sat in her plane seat.

The woman has removed both her shoes and socks and is resting her bare feet on the seat in front of her.

What’s more, she has gone so far as to put one foot directly over the television screen – even though it will be used by someone else on a future flight.

To make matters even worse, the woman has a large plaster on each of her feet suggesting she has sores.

The edges of these plasters are pressed against the seat in front, making it possible that the sores too are in contact with the material as they appear to be coming off her feet.

The flyer’s face cannot be seen as the shot was taken from a seat behind her.

Instagram account passengershaming shared the photo by aviation enthusiast Steve L with the caption: “Passenger Shaming Level: Epic.”

Followers have been repulsed by the vile move of the female passenger.

“I really think ‘keep your feet covered and on the f***ing floor’ should be part of the pre-flight announcement procedure,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “I was on a flight this weekend and saw how nasty and disgusting the floor was and wondered why on earth anyone would ever want their bare feet on that! People are weird.”

A third added: “I am sickened by how disgusting people can be. And that is why I carry and use disinfectant wipes on every flight.”

However, the woman is not the only passenger to have alarmed others with her foot antics.

A passenger was so shocked to see what a woman got up to during her flight to Mexico that she documented her experience on Instagram. 

The female flyer and her male neighbour both removed their socks and shoes and rested their feet on the dividing wall and on top of one another in an alarmingly flirtatious display of footsie.

In the hilarious series of photographs, the couple – who one presumes already knew each other – become increasingly intimate.

In a further display of poor plane etiquette, a third photo shows the woman resting her foot high up on the wall in front of her so she is encroaching onto the space of the passenger in front.

According to the passenger who shared the photos, the flyer who was in front was “not impressed” when the woman’s foot approached his television.


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