Flights: Passengers left shocked when male traveller does this on a plane


Getting some extra sleep, particularly on a long haul flight, is a priority for some travellers. Those with a seat in Business Class can enjoy a rather more luxurious experience, complete with comfy seats and the option to recline. Others may choose to kit out with an eye mask and snug blanket to enjoy some shut eye. With the comparative lack of snooze-friendly seating in standard class, it seems some flight passengers have had to adapt.

Some prefer to stretch out across the aisles, should there be available seats, while others extend their legs under the seat in front.

Yet one passenger left their fellow travellers stunned by whipping off their socks, to reveal their dirty toes.

What’s more, they then placed their unclean feet on the arm rest of the passenger in front.

This meant they would have to put up with the unattractive sight – as well as a potential smell – during their trip.

If it was a long haul journey, this may have been even more uncomfortable.

The shocking image was captured by a traveller, who then posted it onto the Instagram page Passengershaming.

One user simply commented underneath “horrible”, as another put: “They were running thru the jungle before the flight.”

A third urged: “Wear some socks bud.”

One then rounded off with the comment: “No…. just no. God no.”

The image appeared to be that of a male foot, due to the hair on the toes and lack of a pedicure.

Meanwhile, another passenger caused alarm when they kept their socks on, yet flailed their legs in the air.

The alarming snap shows a man who definitely didn’t care about travel etiquette.

He is pictured lying back along a row of seats with his legs up in the air against the side of the plane.

To make matters even worse, his legs are splayed wide apart in a most unseemly position.

Instagram users again came together on the social media platform to share their thoughts on the lewd move.


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