Flights: Never do this one thing before a flight – especially if you are a nervous flyer


Flights can cause some holidaymakers a lot of anxiety, no matter how excited they are about the destination ahead. There are various ways such folk can help their nerves both during and ahead of a flight. There’s one thing anxious travellers should avoid doing to limit discomfort. Travel experts from have shared a top tip to help those worried about flying this summer.

Cutting out one thing in particular can help with travel nerves, the team said.

Steering clear of caffeine ahead of a flight can be key in such situations.

“Tea and coffee can accentuate stress and nervousness in uncomfortable situations on the ground, never mind in the air,” said

“It’s wise for nervous flyers to cut out the caffeine all together both before and during a flight to avoid unnecessarily increasing anxiety.

It’s just during the flight that caffeine should be avoided, however. “Say no to a hot drink in the airport too,” the experts said.

Although many Britons like to start their holiday with a glass of prosecco or a beer at the airport, it could be worth avoiding alcohol, too.

“Most Britons know that alcohol can cause headaches or feelings of sickness, as well as affecting your usual personality and actions,” said

“The last thing nervous flyers need is to feel unwell or out of character in a confined space for a further few hours as beer or wine takes effect, so ditch the airport pint and forget the boozy drinks trolley.”

Instead of teas, coffee and alcohol, holidaymakers should make sure they drink plenty of water.

“Dehydration can intensify stress and fatigue, particularly in low pressure environments like aeroplanes,” the experts said.

“It’s easy to become dehydrated during a flight because the air in a plane’s cabin comes from outside and there’s less moisture at higher altitude.

“The solution is obviously to drink water – lots of water. Make sure you’ve had a glass or two before boarding and try to consistently sip away throughout your journey.”

Drinking plenty of H2O will also make sure you look your best on arrival, too. 

Nazan Schnapp, founder of Nazan Schnapp Skincare, told “We hear it all the time, but water really is the best skincare tip in the book.

“Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is made up of 64 per cent water, so you need to keep your skin hydrated during your flight to ensure you are looking and feeling refreshed and hydrated.”

Schnapp added: “Prolonged exposure onboard planes can lead to intense dehydration so it’s vital to take care of your skin pre, during and post-flight.”


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