Flight secrets: The simple trick to getting a cheap flight – even when airline fares rise


Flight prices can vary from day to day, making comparing costs difficult. Travellers are not only met with a variety of route options, airlines and departure destinations, the fluctuating prices can additionally cause havoc for those on a budget. Many people believe booking flights in advance is a good way to save on travel fares. Yet with no way of knowing when an airline might increase costs, some holidaymakers are caught out.

When picking out flight options, some spot a particular price yet this may be gone the next day.

Travel expert Christopher Bartlett, author of Plane Clever, told how such fares could be “locked in” by some particular airlines using a specific trick.

He wrote: “Some airlines allow you, for a small fee, to lock in the fare you find for a limited time to guard against it increasing.

“If you go ahead, there is no charge; if you find something cheaper, even with them, you only lose the fee.

“In the case of British Airways, the fee was £10 9$14) and it applies to short haul (but not all) flights on BA and Iberia departing more than 21 days ahead.”

Yet travellers will still need to act relatively quickly to take advantage.

Christopher added: “The booking is kept for 72 hours.”

Meanwhile, those who are not content with simply bagging a flight bargain can now look to upgrade too.

Flights in business or first class are what many travellers aspire to – but it’s not easy to secure an upgrade for free.

There are various ways by which you can boost your chances of being upgraded, but there are also things you should never do.

A travel expert has revealed that doing one thing in particular can ruin your chances of getting a better seat.

Nik Loukas, who has worked in the flight industry for over a decade and runs a travel website, explained the secret was to do with the choice of plane food.

Passengers should never require a special plane meal if they want to be in with a chance of getting upgraded, Loukas told Business Insider.

These meals vary from vegetarian to kosher, but unless you actually need these meals, they could be jeopardising your luck.

“If there’s a special meal request in your booking, the airline won’t even look at you (for an upgrade),” he said.

“Because you’ve got a dietary requirement they might not be able to cater for you if they upgrade you.”


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