Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal why you should not recline your seat on a plane


    Flights can often be a time where travellers can take some time to relax before reaching their destination. For long haul flights, this often means the plane will be travelling through for a long time and through the night, meaning some passengers may have a sleep. However, cabin crew members have explained that keeping your seat upright at all times is crucial.

    Similarly, ensuring the seats are upright during both take off and landing also reduces the risk that your face or body will hit into the seat back in front of you during a bumpy landing.

    It will also help protect the passengers behind you by giving them more space if there is a rough patch in the sky.

    If your seat is reclined, you’re at a greater risk of head injury, because your head would have further to travel before impact which will generate more force.

    Many travellers hate when the person in front of them reclines their seat because it gives them less room to move as well as not being able to see their in-flight television if there is one.

    However, Carrie Trey, flight attendant explains that you have paid for that seat and have the right to do anything you want.

    She says: “In the same way that you have the right to recline your seat, the passenger in front of you does so as well.

    “You paid for it – it’s yours.”

    Taking to Reddit to express her concerns, one former flight attendant explained that it is not a matter of how much you have paid your seat but more so concerns manners.

    She says: “Airplanes legroom is significantly limited as it is and no one wants to have to put up with someones seat fully reclined in their face for the whole of their flight.

    “Keeping it up will make the whole flight more enjoyable for everyone, just get a travel pillow or blanket to put behind your head or get a window seat.”

    Other flight attendants have previously taken to Reddit to express their opinions on why you should always wear your shoes onboard, and it’s for a similar reason.

    One cabin crew member explained how if there was an emergency that required passengers to evacuate their seats and you don’t have shoes on, glass or debris may get stuck in your feet, causing injury to yourself.

    They wrote: “God forbid we should have to evacuate the aircraft for any reason. Assuming that the plane is upright when it stops, and still intact, there will still be hazards in the cabin on the floor AND outside.”


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