Flight secrets: Best plane seat revealed to prevent sickness


    Flights are nothing to be afraid of and planes are known to be one of the safest modes of transport. Many nervous flyers feel that their plane will malfunction and crash no matter how many times they hear how safe it is. Sickness is also very common on planes due to the motion of the anxiety surrounding turbulence which is why sitting in one particular spot may help avoid it.

    But what seat in the row is the best to avoid feeling nauseous?

    Window seats tend to be the most popular for those who experience sickness in the skies as they feel more comfortable.

    You should also avoid fatty, greasy and unhealthy meals before flying because this can increase your chances of getting airsickness.

    Motion sickness can also be caused by staring at handheld devices such as a phone or tablet.

    Sitting at the window also reduces your contact with other plane passengers who may be walking past to use the toilet or to stretch their legs.

    This will then reduce the amount of germs you come into contact with while flying.

    The window seat is also the most popular seat amongst frequent travellers.

    This is because it can help nervous passengers enjoy the view and see where the plane is heading.


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