Fashion house Gucci to sponsor restoration of Roman cliff from which traitors were flung to their deaths


Dating back to 1471, the Capitoline Museums are the oldest museum complex in the world.

“Over the next two years, Gucci will make a donation to support the restoration project of the Rupe Tarpea (Tarpean Rock), the rock face on the southern side of the Campidoglio.

“According to history, up to the first century AD traitors were sentenced to death from the cliff to the underlying Roman Forum, symbolically expelled from the city.

“Today the cliff, made mainly of tufa, a porous rock, carved and dug over the centuries, is a unique natural space,” the fashion house said.

The restoration is just the latest example of wealthy Italian fashion brands coming to the rescue of Rome’s crumbling cultural heritage.

Fendi paid for the cleaning of the Trevi Fountain, the shoe company Tod’s stumped up £22 million for the restoration of the Colosseum and Bulgari contributed £1.3 million to the cleaning of the Spanish Steps.

The sweeping stone staircase, built between 1723 and 1726, has featured in many films, most notably Roman Holiday, the 1953 romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.


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