Family Of Terminally-ill Army Vet Whose House Was Ransacked By Burglars Label Them ‘scum’


THE family of an 87-year-old army veteran who was burgled have branded the thieves “scum”.

Dementia sufferer Cyril Maddox was asleep when thieves climbed through a utility room window which had been left open because of the heatwave.

SWNS:South West News Service Kerry Crisp, 52, with her dad Cyril Maddox, 87

Mr Maddox, who served as a marksmen in the Royal Pioneers in the 1950s before working for Austin Rover, is thought to have seen the thieves ransacking his bungalow in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

His devastated daughter, Kerry Crisp, 52, said: “Dad’s got days if not hours left to live and to think that someone could go into his room while he’s dying and take his money is disgusting.

“He can’t express himself properly now, but he’s been quite agitated since, pulling his legs up and he keeps saying ‘break’, so I think he might have been awake when it happened.

“They went through every single cupboard, took drawers out, tipped the mattress in the third bedroom over and went through all my dad’s clothes.

SWNS:South West News Service Cyril with his wife Vivian last year

“They took his wallet, his emergency fund, his pension – all his money. It’s left him penniless.

“Only scum would do that to a dying man – it’s wicked. I’m completely heartbroken.

“I just hope the police catch the people responsible before he dies but I fear he’s only got a very short time left.

“The thieves must have known he was ill when they broke in and seen who lived in the bungalow.

SWNS:South West News Service Kerry believes her dad was awake as the burglars rifled through his things

“When the detective inspector came to see us after it happened, he looked at dad and cried.”

Mr Maddox, who has six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, lives with his disabled wife Vivian, 81, who suffers from motor neurone disease and frontal dementia.

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