Exeter murders: Neighbours report seeing 'scruffy looking man with a toolbag' outside victims' home


A “scruffy looking” man carrying a toolbag was seen outside one of the two homes where a suspected OAP serial killer murdered three men in their 80s, it has emerged. 

The battered bodies of three elderly men in their 80s – including twin brothers – were discovered at their homes in Exeter, Devon, within hours of each other.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the murders on Tuesday. Police said the “level of violence” used led officers to link the killings.

Two of the murdered men were 84-year-old twins Dick and Roger Carter, who were killed in the home they had lived in all their lives. The other victim was Anthony Payne, 80, who lived alone.

A witness has described how they saw a suspicious-looking man outside the home of Dick and Roger Carter just hours before they were found dead.

Tracey Harkness, who lives nearby, was driving to work on Tuesday morning when she saw the man outside the Carters’ home on Cowick Lane.

He was described as “looking a bit funny” by Mrs Harkness, who later reported the sighting to the police after learning of the murder inquiry.


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