Exclusive: Libyan suspect in Yvonne Fletcher murder could be forced to give evidence in High Court action


Law firm behind Mabrouk legal action represents families of victims of IRA bombs

The law firm behind the civil case against Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, advised the families of the victims of the IRA bombing in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1998, Christopher Hope writes.

London-based McCue & Partners advised the victims’ families in a landmark civil case, suing five men they alleged were involved a decade later in 2008.

The case broke new legal ground, and was believed to be the first time anywhere in the world that alleged members of a terrorist organisation had been sued.

The families brought the multi-million pound action in an attempt to bring fresh information about the atrocity to light.

Civil cases have a much lower burden of proof, with the judge reaching his or her verdict on the balance of probabilities. In criminal law, guilt must be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

In 2009 the judge in the civil trial ruled that Michael McKevitt, Liam Campbell, Colm Murphy and Seamus Daly were all liable for the Omagh bombing. A fifth Seamus McKenna was not liable.

Mr Justice Morgan ordered them to pay a total of £1.6million damages to 12 relatives who took the case. 

He found the dissident republican organisation the Real IRA liable for the bomb in which 29 people and two unborn babies were killed.

McCue & Partners is also leading a civil action against John Downey, who was previously accused of the murders of four soldiers in the 1982 IRA Hyde Park bombing.

The family of one of the four Household Cavalrymen who died in the blast launched a civil action against Mr Downey in the High Court last October.

Mr Downey, who has always denied responsibility for their deaths, walked free from the Old Bailey in 2014 after it emerged he had received a so-called ‘comfort’ or ‘on the run’ letter dating back to 2007 as part of the Good Friday Agreement peace deal.

Matthew Jury, a partner at McCue & Partners, said: “We hope these new proceedings against the suspect in WPc Fletcher’s murder will have the same result as the Omagh civil action, and progress in the way the Hyde Park proceedings have, in ensuring suspects in terrorist atrocities can’t evade justice. Backroom political deals must never be allowed to deny the victims their day in court.”


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