Ex-Goldman Sachs analyst claims he was denied lucrative banking career over his ADD, tribunal hears


Mr Afrifa said in a witness statement: “I felt my attempts to engage with Goldman Sachs to determine and implement adjustments had been ignored and dismissed.

“I have a very strong sense of the time and progress I have lost because of the situation.”

He claimed that insomnia caused by medication and an unwillingness of the company to adapt to his disability caused friction.

Mr Afrifa was said to have begun using dexamphetamine for his condition after he was diagnosed at age 20.

He said his mental disability made certain tasks more difficult – with the concentration issues leading to typographical errors.

He was placed on sick leave in January 2017 after a scathing performance review, no bonus and an extended period of insomnia.

In a statement from Goldman Sachs, they said: “At the heart of this case is a dispute as to his ability to perform.

“This was a role that requires attention to detail, the ability to assimilate and distribute info rapidly and accurately.

“He demonstrated a more or less indifferent attitude towards many of the basic requirements of his role.

“He was routinely late with little or no explanation, failed to follow instructions, did not return forms and appeared disengaged.


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