Europa League extra-time rules: Do away goals count in the quarter-finals?


    The Europa League quarter-finalists are battling it out this week for a place in the last four. Manchester United have already booked their spot in the semi-finals following their win over Copenhagen on Monday night.

    What are the Europa League rules?

    The away goals rule is not being used in the Europa League quarter-finals.

    This is because matches are being played as one-off ties in Germany.

    If a game is level after 90 minutes, then a 30-minute period of extra-time is played.

    If the tie is still level after extra-time, a penalty shootout-will take place to determine who progresses.

    Europa League quarter-finals

    Monday, August​ 10

    Inter Milan 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen, Dusseldorf

    Manchester United 1-0 FC Copenhagen, Cologne

    Tuesday, August​ 11

    8pm – Shakhtar Donetsk vs FC Basel, Duisberg

    8pm – Wolves vs Sevilla, Gelsenkirchen

    Europa League semi-finals

    Sunday, August 16

    8pm – Wolves/Sevilla vs Manchester United, Cologne

    Monday, August 17

    8pm – Inter Milan vs Shakhtar Donetsk/FC Basel, Dusseldorf


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