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‘EU was completely useless!’ Coronavirus pandemic exposed critical flaws in Brussels bloc


Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice claimed European Union member states immediately became individualistic when the coronavirus crisis hit Europe. While speaking on the BrexitWatch Youtube channel, Mr Tice claimed the EU was initially useless in fighting the crisis together. He added the pandemic exposed countries tendencies to protect themselves before worrying about others.

He noted this was one of the key reasons he felt the European Union did not work as an institution.

Mr Tice said: “When the pressure is on and the chips are down, all the individual member states looked after number one, looked after themselves.

“When coronavirus hit, all of a sudden there was a massive individualistic panic to buy equipment and medicines.

“Then there was a move to ban exports and the EU was frankly left floundering somewhere back in the distance.

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“It has gradually caught up as the crisis has moved on but in the short term I think the EU was completely useless.”

Mr Tice also noted why he was worried about the EU’s future before the coronavirus crisis.

He said: “I was worried about the EU before the crisis.

“It is quite clear that you have got a two-speed Europe.

European Union leaders clashed as they tried to thrash out the €750billion coronavirus recovery fund. 

In the early hours of Tuesday morning leaders agreed on the fund following a fourth night of talks.

The talks saw a split between member states hardest hit by the virus and so-called “frugal” members concerned about costs.

The deal will see a €390billion programme of grants to member states hardest hit by the pandemic.

A further €360billion in low-interest loans will be available to members of the bloc.

At the start of the pandemic, Italian and Spanish politicians were critical of the Brussels bloc for not acting quick enough to assist them.


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