EU Warning: Iain Dale outlines 'consequences' of no deal Brexit for Brussels


    Mr Dale told that a lot of countries do not have a trade deal with the European Union due to the time it takes for the trading bloc to agree to terms. The political commentator backed the UK to secure trade deals with a lot of countries using a nimble approach to negotiations now Britain is outside of the EU. 

    Mr Dale said: “The consequences will be that we are trading with the EU on exactly the same terms we trade with a lot of countries in the world.

    “We will have the opportunity to strike deals with every other country in the world, a lot of the countries haven’t got a trade deal with the EU because Brussels takes so long to come to them.

    “We are told there are around 60 to 70 free trade agreements that the EU have negotiated with countries all around the world.

    “However, about 20 of those are with individual Caribbean islands.

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    “There are lots of countries out there where I think if we are nimble, we can actually do deals with.”

    He continued: “If there is no deal whatsoever I think it would be a shame for everybody and there would be sectors in the UK economy that would be hit, particularly agriculture.

    “If the EU slapped 40 percent tariffs on agriculture products which they probably would then clearly that is going to have a massive impact on our exports to the EU.

    “If tariffs in other sectors are only 10 percent then I doubt that will have a massive effect but it certainly wouldn’t be an ideal situation.”

    “I think our red lines are that we won’t exceed to EU demands on fisheries, there may be compromises, there may be arrangements for Spanish fishermen, French fishermen to fish in British waters but that will be our decision to what extent that happens.

    “Our fishing industry used to be massive and it is entirely because of the common fisheries policy that it no longer is and it now contributes a very small percentage to GDP.

    “That is no reason not to look at this sector and think well in ten years’ time this could be transformed if we play it right.”

    Mr Dale added: “Fisheries has to be a red line in the sense that we have to control our policy.”


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