EU told to do Brexit deal in bid to avoid global unemployment spike like Great Depression

During an interview with Sky News Mr Fox urged the UK and European Union to agree a good open trading relationship post-Brexit. The former International Trade Secretary stated that a deal between Britain and the EU would give a boost of confidence to the global trading system when it is desperate need of a positive signal. 

Mr Fox said: “We want to see Brexit done, I still hope we will see a good open trading relationship between Britain and the European Union.

“I think that now goes beyond the bilateral relationship.

“It is obviously good for Britain and our European partners to have open liberal trade between us.

“I think now the global trading system is slowing down because of COVID, we have the COVID emergency on top of that.

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“We may well be seeing problems with global unemployment, a spike higher than we have seen since the Great Depression.

“It is very important that all countries understand that they need to do even more to keep trade moving.

“I think a good agreement between Britain and the EU would give a boost of confidence to the global trading system at a time when it very much needs one.”

Earlier this month during an interview with Iain Dale highlighted the coronavirus pandemic as a potential key factor in Britain and the European Union agreeing on post-Brexit trade terms.

“There is an incentive on both sides to come to a deal.

“Yes, we have had all the bluster from the EU’s side Michel Barnier seems to be playing the same record he did drawing the withdrawal agreement talks but in the end I think there will be some sort of deal.

“Whether it is a full trade deal I am not so sure I think it may be a sort of bare bones skeleton deal because there isn’t a lot of time left to come to an agreement.”

He added: “If it comes to the point where there isn’t a deal it is not going to be the biggest disaster in the world, but I don’t think it will come to that.”


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