Eric Dier ban: Why is Tottenham star not playing vs Bournemouth?


    In a statement, Dier said: “I instinctively jumped over the barrier and began climbing the rows of seats towards Patrick and the three men.

    “All that was going through my mind was that I must protect Patrick. In hindsight I feel even more responsible for his safety. He had gone to the game to support me, and he had become upset by the personal abuse being yelled at me, and that had led him into this situation.

    “At no point did I say or do anything in a threatening way. Had I reached the supporter and the other two men at any time, my priority was to get to Patrick and get him away from the situation.

    “Had I had the opportunity I would have also asked the supporter why he was abusing me in that manner.

    “I have never had any problem with strong criticism of me as a footballer from the stands and football is all about opinions; that is one of the reasons I love it so much. However, any kind of abuse which is personal and vitriolic I find unacceptable and would be unacceptable anywhere.”


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