Emmerdale viewers confused as paedo teacher Maya Stepney calls in sick … six hours after the school day has started


EMMERDALE fans were left confused after Maya Stepney called in sick to work, despite there only being a short time left of the school day.

The paedophile teacher took the opportunity to take some time off from her day job to rendezvous with boyfriend David Metcalfe.

Emmerdale fans were left confused after Maya Stepney called in sick to work, despite there only being a short time left of the school day

Viewers watched as Maya, played by Louisa Clein, called into work claiming that she had an upset stomach.

She told David: “Just told her I’d eaten something dodgy, I think she believed me…”

But despite the character’s ongoing shifty behaviour as the sexual abuse storyline thickens, fans couldn’t help but notice the clock behind her which stated that it was twenty-five past three in the afternoon.

Many eagle-eyed viewers began taking to Twitter to call out soap bosses for the mistake, with many pointing out that the school day would basically be over by that time anyway.

However, fans were quick to point out that the clock behind her said it was gone 3 o’clock
Maya used the rest of the day to hook up with David Metcalfe

One took a screenshot and wrote: “Error jere on @emmerdale maya rings into work sick after lunch apparently at 3:25. The large clock in the background must not be working.”

Another questioned: “Anyone else notice Maya calling in sick..to school..at half past 3?!  #emmerdale

A third added: “Maya calling in sick yet it’s already 3:30 @emmerdale #Emmerdale

A fourth joked: “Why is Maya phoning in sick to work at 3.20pm? Isn’t the school day over?”






Following the teacher’s sick call she headed up to the bedroom with David after the pair had reconciled.

Although, viewers were left outraged last night as they heard her making loud sex noises during her steamy session in a bid to make schoolboy Jacob Gallagher jealous.

Jacob, played by Joe Warren-Plant, arrived home and was met with an unwelcome surprise as he heard the faint sounds of his abuser giggling as she fumbled around with his stepdad.

Following the scenes many angry fans took to Twitter to voice their disgust.

Jacob arrived home to the loud noises of the pair having sex
Viewers were outraged as the teen looked visibly upset


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