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Emmerdale spoilers: DI Malone's revenge plan for Will exposed in police station twist?


DI Malone (played by Mark Womack) finally got a taste of his own medicine this week in Emmerdale, when his nemesis Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) decided enough was enough and violently attacked him. But now Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is aware of the brutal garage showdown, will the corrupt cop get her to implicate her fiancé so he can win his battle against Will once and for all in the ITV soap?

Harriet was left shellshocked after Malone told her how Will had snapped and was prepared to cover up the crime when he thought he’d killed the police officer.

After all he’s put the family through, it might have been a relief!

Next week, the cop believes he can finally get Will for the attack.

In a police interview, he interrogates Harriet, speculating that the real reason she came to visit was because she can’t keep away from him when really, fans know it’s vice versa.

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But as he confesses the extent of his feelings for the vicar, will she be caught off-guard?

Malone is desperate to have Harriet for himself, which has been made clear as he follows her every move around the village.

Eager to get her bumbling fiancé out of the picture, could he trick her into incriminating Will in the interview room?

Now Harriet knows everything about the attack, Malone could try and use her as a witness.

Elsewhere in the Dales, Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) dreams of getting her family back together again will be shattered when her mum Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) makes a big decision.

The fashionista left the ITV soap last year, as she urgently rushed to the other side of the world with Dee Dee (Mia Gibson-Reed) after her ex suffered a critical injury in Australia.

But while Gabby remains in the village, she soon gets some devastating news that leaves her downcast and wondering what she should do next.

She discovers that her mum is planning on selling the salon, leaving fans wondering if this really is it for the Dales stalwart.

During her time on the show, actress Samantha has come and gone but this time it seems to be a permanent move.

Speaking to Inside Soap earlier this year, she indicated that Bernice won’t be making a return, admitting she was “disappointed” with the way she bowed out.

“If she had been killed, perhaps I’d have got a better exit story, as it was a little disappointing,” she said.

“I had quite a lot of people on Twitter saying that they felt a bit cheated by the way Bernice left, but it’s done now. You can’t please everyone!”

Is this really it for Bernice Blackstock and the Dales?

Emmerdale airs tonight at 7pm on ITV.


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