Elvis Presley Tom Jones: Were Sir Tom and Elvis REALLY friends? The story behind meeting


    “You couldn’t even write a fiction about it – no one would believe it.”

    Mr Macfarlane, who was a journalist at the Pontypridd Observer when he met Gordon, said: “When I was on the Pontypridd Observer he said, ‘I’ll give you a world exclusive,’ I mean the Pontypridd Observer getting a world exclusive was mad.

    “He said: ‘Elvis asked me to be his manager.’ He said his dream before Elvis died was to have Elvis in his stable with Tom [Jones] and Engelbert Humperdinck and Gilbert O’Sullivan, but Elvis wasn’t going to let that happen.”

    There are images of Sir Tom, Elvis and his then-wife Priscilla together, while many have even claimed Sir Tom was one of the few people Elvis felt “close to.”


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