Elton John reaches out to GMB's Kate Garraway to 'help' husband Derek amid COVID-19 battle


    The ITV favourite discussed: “It’s so strange to still be in this situation.

    “He was induced into the coma because it was a way of resting the lungs when he had very acute Covid, of course now they’re no longer keeping him in the coma, he sort of can’t wake up,” she added.

    “There’s two types of coma – there’s the one we think of as vegetative coma, where someone’s completely unconscious, you know, you could stab them and they wouldn’t react – and there’s where Derek is which is a minimum state of consciousness.”

    Kate continued: “So, wonderfully his eyes are opening but we have no real knowledge of what he can see or hear and feel. It is a very desperate situation, it’s very difficult. Of course, there’s fantastic hope that he’s still alive.”


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