Ellie Harrison children: How many children does the Countryfile host have?


    Ellie Harrison will head to one of the great estates of the National Trust today from the Elizabethan era, Charlecote Park in Warwickshire tonight as parks open back up to the public amid the easing of lockdown restrictions. But with Ellie back on our TV screens for Countryfile this evening, what has Ellie said of her family life?

    How many children does the Countryfile host have?

    Ellie and partner Matt Goodman have been engaged 15 years after Matt popped the question in 2005.

    While the pair are not currently married, Ellie has previously spoken of how they hope to tie the knot in the future.

    In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Ellie said: “I will do one day. We just haven’t done that bit.

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    “We’ve done the big stuff, the children, and the scars!”

    The couple are reported to have three children together – two daughters and a son -although Ellie is keen to keep them out of the spotlight.

    Ellie has previously given rare insights within her family life within interviews, however.

    Talking to Radio Times, Ellie spoke of how she couldn’t be away from her children for too long while working.

    “But having said that I do want them to see me work and see me work in a job that I love.”

    In the past, Ellie has admitted how she chose to abandon her social media to avoid criticism from Countryfile fans.

    Talking exclusively to Express.co.uk last year, Ellie opened up on why she chose to ditch social media.

    Ellie said: “I don’t have Twitter or Instagram and anything that’s programme specific is dealt with by the producers, unless there’s anything, in particular, I need to be pulled up on, then I tend not to hear about it.

    “And I choose to keep it that way. I had Twitter until Christmas then I came off everything at the same time thinking this isn’t lifting me up, this isn’t bringing anything warm or good into my life.”

    She went on to say how social media should remove the concept of likes and numbers as they can be damaging.

    Ellie explained: “I kind of like the Kanye West stance of just saying there shouldn’t be any numbers at all, not just the number of likes, but no numbers at all because then you’d be posting things for art’s sake.

    “There could be one person seeing it or 100 million, and if you don’t know, then you’re producing it for the right reasons rather than to grab attention.”


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